Specific Features of online test creator

Create Own Brand

Once registered, You can have your company name and logo, your students also see the your company name and logo on all the pages.

Access over 50k Questions

Access this tests and these tests can be assigned to your students.

Free Registration

Registration is free. All registered users are given Free 20 credits ie, 20 tests.

Test Maker

Create Online Test with Different types of data such as text, Mathematical and complex data, Images, Video and Audio. Questions can be organized into Subjects and Chapters.


Supports users with different kind of roles. Roles as Admin, Instructor, Student, Privileged student.

User Admin

Create and manage groups, users. Student can be organized into different groups.

Test Assignment

Test created can be assigned to groups and students. Each user assigned has the same test in a random order, thus reducing the malpractice

Instant Result

Automatic and Instant results displayed on the completion of the test. Solutions of the test questions can be viewed. Assign can view the test paper and results of the user.

Test History

History of the test taken by the students are available. Student and their Admin can view the past papers taken in detail, thus can improve in the areas of weakness.

PDF Reports

Test reports can be saved in PDF format if required.

Question Selection

Test can be created with existing questions entered in different test by the Admin choice or preferences.

Data Entry

We offer service to create test and questions to customers at minimal price.

About Us

Testmakerhub.com is an online test creation portal. This portal is very useful for institutes and corporations involved in creating tests. It supports many kinds of roles to users so as have data security. Test data is only available to the corporations and their users. It supports roles such as admin, data analyst, student. There can more than one person with this roles. Activities are audited so that there is a track of who is doing what. Some of the features that the portal supports are below

  • Create Tests and Questions
  • User Admin
  • Assign test Paper
  • Course Admin

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